Course Details: - 2 Month

The database courses offered by Intellipaat focus on the complete set of tools and technologies essential to work with popular DB systems. In a world where data is churned out and stored endlessly, databases have become increasingly functional and practical with quicker data processing. Thus, there is a lofty demand for individuals who are exceptionally skilled in this domain and can efficiently work with databases.

Database administrators manage and maintain databases. The role may include installation, configuration, management, performance monitoring, security, data recovery, and more. In this learning path, discover database basics, explore data structures, and learn critical database management skills.

What is a database? How can you build one? Do you want to learn more? In this course, database shows you how to set up container-based servers, connect a management GUI, and start building a database for your valuable data.

You don’t need to come with any specific prior knowledge or have any specific software pre-installed. This course’s content is applicable to learners on any operating system. Learn about how to set up a database playground, how to include a user-friendly graphical interface, how to create table objects, how to add data to a table, and how to retrieve and manipulate data. The course includes exercise files so that learners can practice executing the same commands shown on screen. At the conclusion of the course, Adam shares some ideas for continuing your learning journey.

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